What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are individual strands of synthetic fibres made of mink, silk or polyester. (Ilash offers only 100% cruelty-free faux mink or silk lashes!) When applied, eyelash extensions can add length as well as thicken your own natural eyelashes. The strands are applied to each individual eyelash one by one. Roughly up to 150 individual lashes can be attached to each lash line, allowing our technicians to build a beautiful customized set of lashes just for you!

Do eyelash extensions ruin your natural lashes?

When eyelash extensions are applied by a professional properly, they are safe and will not ruin the health of your natural lashes. With proper application the eyelash extensions will look and feel completely natural. Try not to rub or tug on the extensions because this can cause you to pull out your own natural lashes.

How long does the application process take?

The application process for eyelash extensions normally takes about 90-120 minutes for a full set of lashes. It will take about half the time for a refill appointment roughly, given the condition of your extensions. You’ll be comfortably laying down during the application process with your eyes fully closed.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Proper maintenance of your lashes is required, clients are recommended to come for a fill every two weeks for classic lashes and 3 to 4 weeks for volume. Please also follow the aftercare steps below to maximize the retention of your eyelash extensions.

How should I prepare for my appointment?

Please come without eye/under-eye make-up. We do have remover and wipes available for use at the studio. Being prepared means that we can start your application right away and removing makeup will reduce time from your appointment.

If you wear contacts please bring your case with you so that they can be removed prior to your appointment or wear glasses during this time.

What if I want to remove my eyelash extensions?

We do offer a service which removes your eyelash extensions. It involves a short 30 minute process where we use a cream remover to dissolve the adhesive of the extensions from the natural lashes. This is completely painless and safe, causing no harm or discomfort to your natural lashes.

After Care

  • WET - Refrain from getting your lashes wet for the first 12 hours. After this time the extensions are waterproof. When showering avoid having your lashes directly under the shower head to avoid the pressure to the extensions. Avoid sauna and steam rooms for 24 hours.

  • WASH - Your eyelash extensions regularly with an eyelash extensions cleanser. This is available to purchase at the studio, or you can use a cleanser you have at home that is oil free.

  • BRUSH - Your eyelash extensions daily. This will improve the longevity of your extensions as well as make them look fresh.

  • OIL FREE - Creams, eye creams, makeup, and any products used around the eye area: please check the ingredients to make sure they’re oil free. Oil based products have an effect on the glue and will result in your extensions falling out prematurely.

  • DRY - Let your eyelashes air dry or you can blow dry them on cool to fluff them up again. Do not blow dry with heat and do not use any cotton materials.

  • MAKEUP - Eyeliner, eyeshadows or makeup that is oil free CAN be extension safe. Most eyeliner(creams) do contain oil. Check the products ingredients list. Mascara can be safe for classic eyelash extensions but will ruin volume sets and will be very hard to clean. We do have extension-safe mascara and eyeliner available for purchase at the studio.


In the event that you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we require 24 hours notice in order to avoid the cancellation fee.

Cancellations with less than 24 hours of your scheduled appointment will result in a fee of 50% of the service cost.

Appointments that are cancelled within 4 hours of the scheduled booking time will result in full charge of the scheduled service. This will be considered a no-show appointment and will be charged 100% of the service cost.